Big Jackpot Win News

Our progressive jackpot tracker is an automated robot that records the values of hundreds of progressive jackpots. It analyses changes in their value and determines when they are won and for how much. When this happens for a significant amount we receive an alert and we do our best to track down further information and verify the win. After all, everyone loves to read a story about a big winner and imagine just for a moment how you would feel if it happened to you.

Below you will find articles that both alert the public that a big jackpot has been won, and provide further information about the winners where possible.

Powerball Jackpot Soars to $625 Million

This week the U.S.-based lottery Powerball saw its top prize soar to $625 million after nobody won the jackpot on Tuesday, making it the seventh largest prize ever offered, with room to grow if nobody wins the next draw.

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Punter Hits Major Millions Jackpot for $605,806

Today a punter playing Microgaming's ancient Major Millions slot hit the game's progressive jackpot for a huge $605,806 cash prize.

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$3.3 Million Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot Won at Captain Cooks

A day after a punter won $12.9 million at Luxury Casino, a punter at Captain Cooks hit the same prize for a large $3.3 million jackpot.

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Punter Scores IGT MegaJackpots Progressive Prize of £872,388

Today a lucky slot player spinning the reels on an IGT video slot took home the company's MegaJackpots Progressive prize for £872,388.

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Mega Fortune Mega Hit for €3,542,363

A few days after the Mega Fortune Dreams Mega Jackpot was hit for €4,333,668, the game's parent slot Mega Fortune had its own Mega Jackpot hit for a large €3,542,363 cash prize.

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Mega Moolah Mega Strikes Again, This Time for $12,945,603

Today a punter changed their life forever when they hit the Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot for a huge $12,945,603 cash prize.

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Mega Fortune Dreams Mega Hit for €4,333,668

Over the weekend a punter playing NetEnt's Mega Fortune Dreams video slot joined high society when they hit the game's Mega Jackpot for a huge €4,333,668 cash prize.

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Billion Dollar Mega Millions Ticket Still Unclaimed

Last year a lucky person won the massive $1.5 billion Mega Millions lottery jackpot, but to date, the prize hasn't been claimed, leaving just a short time for someone to come forward.

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Frankie Dettori's Golden Seven Jackpot Won for $685,569

Today a punter likely experienced a case of the "trots" as they hit the Frankie Dettori's Golden Seven Jackpot for $685,569.

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Major Millions Jackpot Won for $1,491,506

Yesterday a lucky punter reporting for duty picked up a life-changing $1,491,506 jackpot win when they struck the Major Millions Jackpot.

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