Ukrainian Regulator Wants Streamlined Suspension Process

This story was published more than 1 year ago.

This week Ukraine's Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries announced that it has included a process or streamlining the cancellation and suspension of licences in the country as part of Ukraine's 2023 action plan.

The 2023 action plan indicates more than 500 different government priorities for the year, with different agencies proposing draft laws or resolutions. The proposed process for the regulator would come in the form of a draft law that would streamline the process for suspending the licences of operators specifically under martial law, but would also include steps to review suspensions after martial law is lifted. The country has currently under martial law due to the Russian invasion of the country in 2022.

The draft would see sites suspended if they're owned or operated in countries deemed aggressors (ie. Russia). Another change includes a process that would bolster the regulator's ability to approve, deny, suspend, or cancel licences, and would allow them to put out new ways to inspect gambling equipment at land-based betting venues. Ways to minimise problem gambling, combat illegal gambling, and improve investment into the industry.

The moves aren't automatically going to be put into law, but they do show that the regulator has plans to continue Ukraine's betting industry, despite trying times.

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