EGT to Donate to Earthquake Victims

This story was published more than 1 year ago.

On February 6th a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck in the area of Turkey and Syria, causing over 41,000 deaths across the two countries. Today developer EGT Interactive announced that they'll be working to donate goods to those affected by the tragedy.

The company announced that they'll be working with a charity to donate sleeping bags for those affected. Seeing as how swaths of the population affected by the earthquake is situated in the desert, there are very low temperatures at night that can prove deadly.

"Unfortunately, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria is another natural disaster with devastating consequences," said EGT CEO Vladimir Dokov. "At such times, the most natural thing to do is to help. That is why EGT will make this donation hoping the situation in the affected areas to be normalized as soon as possible."

There are a bunch of different charitable organizations that are accepting donations and other forms of aid for earthquake victims around the world. If you're thinking about donating to one of these charities, be sure to investigate the charity to be sure that they're reputable, as unfortunately, there's also a number of scams out there.

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