Massive Fire At Cambodian Hotel Kills 19

This story was published more than 1 year ago.

A massive fire at the Grand Diamond City casino in Poipet, Cambodia killed at least 19 people earlier today.

The casino had hundreds of people inside the building when the fire broke out. The fire looked to have engulfed the upper floors of the building, bringing intense smoke and heat to those trapped inside. Video showed people running out of the building as well as some people jumping from the higher floors.

Rescue teams are continuing to scavenge the ruins for bodies, and it's likely the death toll will continue to rise. Dozens are thought to be injured, and several people were sent to neighboring Thailand for treatment.

Poipet is a popular city on the border between Cambodia and Thailand. It houses a number of casinos that host players from Thailand, where gambling is largely illegal.

As of press time there isn't a known cause for the fire. Casino Listings News is following the story and will update readers as appropriate.

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