Svenska Spel Distributes £2.9 Million to Grassroots Sports

This story was published more than 1 year ago.

Swedish state-run gaming operator Svenska Spel has announced that they've distributed SEK35 million to various small sports organisations across the country as part of the group's Gräsroten program.

Svenska Spel has run the program for 10 years and has distributed more than £40 million to various sports associations and groups around the country. The program has the goal of allowing more children to get involved in activities. For the year-to-date, funds went to 8,567 groups among 35 different sports, which includes football, cheerleading, skateboarding, handball, and others.

Regarding the distribution Svenska Spel CEO Patric Hoffbauer said, "For my part, I feel that Gräsroten is more than just a sponsorship initiative. It's so much bigger. I dare to say that during these ten years we and our customers have made it possible for more children and young people to play sports in playful ways and meet new friends.

"Gräsroten is thus an important addition to the association's coffers and, by extension, contributes to a better society, because children and young people should have the opportunity to move and have fun together regardless of where in the country they live."

The news of the distribution comes weeks after Svenska Spel announced that they recorded SEK1.95 billion in the third quarter of the year, down slightly from last year.

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