Indian Cricket Player Given 14-Year Ban for Match-Fixing

This story was published more than 1 year ago.

This week the International Cricket Council announced that they've banned Mehar Chhayakar from competition for 14 years after he was found to have broken rules and fixed matches.

Chhayakar was given the ban after he was found guilty of seven breaches of ICC and Cricket Canada Anti-Corruption Codes, which was overseen by a tribunal made of ICC officials. Chhayakar helped arrange match-fixing during the GT20 tournament in Canada as well as the Zimbabwe vs UAE matches in 2019.

Chhayakar was found to have violated Article 2.1.1, which states that players may not fix to attempt to influence the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of any international match, including by deliberately underperforming during matches. He also was found to have breached Article 2.4.6, which states that players are required to cooperate with investigations into corruption. He violated each of these rules twice.

He also breached Article 2.4.7m, which covers the obstruction of investigations, including concealing or tampering with evidence.

Regarding the ban ICC General Manager from the Integrity Unit Alex Marshal said, "We first encountered Mehar Chhayakar through his involvement in organising a corrupt cricket tournament in Ajman, in 2018. The charges for which he has now received a lengthy ban are further examples of his continuing efforts to corrupt and damage our sport.

"We will be relentless in pursuing and disrupting the people who try to corrupt cricket. With a ban of 14 years, the Tribunal has sent a clear message to anyone intending to corrupt our game."

Chhayakar is prohibited from participating in any ICC cricket matches for the length of the suspension, and will likely effectively end the player's career. He had mostly played in the UAE for his career.

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