Saritasa Launches Versus Poker Platform

This story was published more than 1 year ago.

Betting software development group Saritasa revealed that they've launched a new online poker product that they're dubbing VersusPoker.

VersusPoker will enable players to set up private games and has blind totals that dynamically change. There are also video avatars that represent players, and there are different customizable features for gameplay. Currently, VersusPoker is sitting in early access, with a freeplay version available. Down the road the product, developed by Paul and Jack Wasserman may be offered to online casinos for real money games.

"When Paul and Jack came to us with their concept for a private poker site, we were thrilled at the challenge," said Saritasa CEO Nik Froelich. "Poker is a complex game - an online version is even more so."

VersusPoker Co-Founder Paul Wasserman added: "No platform existed that allowed players to replicate what it is like to play poker in an in-person setting. We designed VersusPoker from the ground up to capture that live feeling of playing with friends. In addition, as avid gamers, we added stream-centric features like the Versus Heads-Up Showdown, so both players and viewers alike feel as if they're watching a professionally televised game."

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