ASA Seeing Less Gambling Ads Targeted at Children

This story was published more than 2 years ago.

A report published UK advertising regulator, the Advertising Standards Authority, has revealed that gambling ad absorption by children under the age of 16 has fallen to 2.2 ads per week in 2021, down from 3 in 2010.

English children were exposed to 2.1 ads per week (down from 2.9), while Scottish children were exposed to 2.8 (from 3.5). Welsh children were exposed to 3.2 per week (down from 3.9), while kids in Northern Ireland were exposed to 1.4 (down from 3.5).

The ASA says that the study shows gambling ad exposure hit a peak in 2013 at 4.4 ads per week, with lottery and bingo spots the most viewed. There are less children watching TV these days, which is a major source of the downturn in exposure. Instead, children spend more time on electronic devices, which can keep the ads from reaching their eyeballs.

Regarding the study ASA CEO Guy Parker said, "Our latest report confirms the ongoing decline in children's exposure to ads for age-restricted products, which is what our rules are designed to achieve. But of course that's not the full story.

"Children's media consumption habits are changing significantly, which is why we're also focussed on protecting them online. Later this year, we'll publish our findings on the ads they are seeing across the internet and social media as part of our zero-tolerance approach to age-restricted ads being served to children."

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