Twitch Streamer Opens Up About Gambling Losses

This story was published more than 2 years ago.

Twitch streamer Tyler 'Trainwreck' Nikham, who has gambled on his streams, has opened up about his gambling losses, telling fans he's currently down $12.9 million, and that the number at one point was much worse.

Last July he told viewers of his channel that he had lost more than $2 million that wasn't on stream, but in a more recent disclosure he revealed that he's even further in the hole.

When asked if he was close to breaking even Nikham said, "Close to even? I'm still down 12.9 million dollars. That's not close to even. That's not even in the neighborhood of even." However, that's only after he managed to bring it down from a higher number.

"In nine months, I've lost $22.9 million. It was really f--king disgusting and bad. You don't even understand. Like, all my friends knew, but I didn't feel comfortable saying anything because those numbers are unfathomable."

At one point Nikham said that he was considering stopping gambling on stream, but hasn't taken that step yet. Recently he gave away $1 million during a Twitch stream that generated 27,000 entries for the prize money.

If you or someone you know is suffering from gambling addiction, we hope that you seek help. We have a well-put-together page that provides information on identifying and fighting gambling addiction. We also hope that Nikahm gets himself some help, as it appears he may have a problem betting issue.

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