SoftSwiss Gets Multi-Currency Support

This story was published more than 1 year ago.

Crypto-friendly gaming platform SoftSwiss announced this week that it has expanded multicurrency support on its platform in a move that will allow the company's Jackpot Aggregator to be run with different currencies.

The company has 450 jackpot games that'll be supported with the new multicurrency feature, allowing operators to offer punters in different countries to use their own currencies. Originally, SoftSwiss only offered the jackpots in Euros, and players would have to play the game in that currency in order to participate. This meant that if you were playing in, say, dollars, you'd have to intentionally change the currency to qualify.

SoftSwiss is touting this new feature as an important backend tool for casino operators that'll help them market big prizes to their customers. The company also is claiming that they have an auto-approve function, which validates player winnings in order to help facilitate faster payouts. SoftSwiss made a name for itself by offering crypto support in their offerings.

Regarding the new support SoftSwiss Jackpot Aggregator Product Manager Aliaksei Douhin said, "Since the launch of the Jackpot Aggregator we have received a lot of positive feedback about our new product. At the same time, we have listened carefully to feedback from current clients to develop in line with the needs of our partners. One of these things has been supporting multicurrency jackpot campaigns. It is a very important tool for operators when dealing with players. Increasing the total number of players involved will widen the reach of each jackpot, as well as boost their loyalty and trust in the draws. I am sure our clients will appreciate the new Jackpot Aggregator functionality, and we will keep them happy with new features coming soon."

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