More Aussies Are Gambling Online

This story was published more than 2 years ago.

This week Gambling Research Australia announced the release of its second-ever National Study of Interactive Gambling, which shows that online gambling participants more than doubled over the course of the last eight years.

The study indicated that the participation rate makes up for 17.5% of all adults in the country, with men aged 20-49 the most popular demographic. The study sampled 15,000 people via telephone and 5,019 surveyed online.

While online gambling rose, overall gambling participation rose from 64.3% a decade ago to 56.9% in 2019/2020.

The most popular form of internet gambling was online scratch tickets at 26.3%, with EGMs next at 15.8%, casino games at 15.7%, poker at 15%, bingo at 13.9%, and virtual goods gambling at 9%.

Problem betting also rose over the last decade, with 1.23% of the population identifying as having an issue in 2019, up from 0.6% in 2010.

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