Federal Bill Introduced Regarding Tribal Online Gaming

This story was published more than 2 years ago.

Last week two U.S. Congressmen introduced a bill that would consider online bets placed on servers located in tribal lands to be considered tribal betting and thus treated as such.

The bill was introduced by Reps. Luis Correa and John Katno, and is formally known as House Bill 4308. The bill would knock down barriers related to mobile wagers on Indian lands in regions where tribes have agreements with states.

Bet location would be defined as the location where the server is settled. This could generate additional revenues for tribes and help modernize the tribal gaming industry, as federal regulations related to betting were addressed in 1988.

Commenting on the bill's introduction Rep. Correa said, "Tribal government gaming is the primary source of revenue for hundreds of tribal nations throughout this country who otherwise would not have the basic resources to provide for the health, safety and general welfare of their citizens and others who live on tribal lands.

"However, the gaming industry is quickly evolving and more and more states are legalizing some form of gaming activity that primarily utilizes the internet. Sophisticated, well-financed digital companies that did not exist even ten years ago are changing the gaming industry before our eyes."

The bill will likely be headed to Committee where it'll be discussed and preliminary votes are taken. If it advances, it will go in front of the House for debate and voting, before going to be worked through the Senate. If it passes both houses, it will go in front of President Joe Biden, who can sign it into law or veto it.

We're following this story and will be updating readers as the bill progresses.

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