Horseshoe Hammond Casino Fined for Underage Gambling

This story was published more than 3 years ago.

This week the Indiana Gaming Commission announced that they've fined the Horseshoe Hammond Casino $100,000 for allowing an underage gambler onto the floor even though his ID failed verification.

The casino allowed the 18-year-old man onto the floor to gamble at the casino 40 times between November 1st and November 17th. 18 different security officers scanned his ID at the time and let him through. This failure was eventually discovered after the man went to an Illinois casino and had his ID scan fail and was found to be holding vouchers from Horseshoe.

The casino's management said that the offender had a good fake ID and that while the Veridocs system is 97% accurate, there are times when the system doesn't recognize a card. When that happens, the security guard can make a judgment call. That is what led to the punter being let in.

Still, the casino is facing the music for the failure, and the casino said that they'll be changing policies to reject entrance to visitors who appear to be under 30 and have their IDs denied by the system.

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