China Bans TripAdvisor Because of Gambling Links

This story was published more than 3 years ago.

The Chinese government has banned popular travel app TripAdvisor due to the app providing information on casino gambling, which is largely prohibited in the country.

The government blocked access to 105 apps, many of which were categorized as providing access to "obscene, violent, bloody, and pornographic" as well as providing info on fraud, gambling, and prostitution. The fact that TripAdvisor was included is surprising, as the site is a travel app as a whole, providing information on landmarks, restaurants, and things to do in different locations. It seems that the mere mention of casino gambling in locales where it is legal spurred the ban, and the situation as a whole is curious.

Gambling is illegal in China, save for lotteries, and those who run illegal casinos can face prison time.

Right now the app is still available and being accessed in China, despite being on the ban list. It's unknown whether or not the government will change course at this time. No comment from TripAdvisor was available as of press time.

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