Michigan Changes Self-Exclusion Rules

This story was published more than 3 years ago.

This week the Michigan Gaming Control Board announced a change to the state's self-exclusion rules, altering the lifetime ban for those who enrolled in the program.

The Wolverine State's self-exclusion rules have been in place for 20 years without a change, and would force a lifetime ban for anyone who had enrolled, with no option to take your name off the list. The amendment to the rule will add a 2 year and 5 year exclusion option, with the goal of having more problem gamblers signing up. Those who applied more than five years ago will be able to petition to remove their names from the list, with the regulator having 30 days to respond.

As of October 1st, there were 4,825 people who'd self-excluded from gambling within the state of Michigan.

Commenting on the change Michigan Gaming Control Board executive director Richard S. Kalm said, "Previously, the state used criminal law to combat a gambling problem for a lifetime, which is an expensive, harsh way to deal with an addiction. A lifetime ban actually may deter some people from signing up. For others, their life circumstances may have changed. Of course, people with gambling problems may request removal and resume behaviors they sought to prevent by going on the list. I've received many requests over the years from people on the Disassociated Persons List who wanted to remove their names, but state law did not offer the option until the new act was signed Oct. 16."

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