ASA Upholds ElectraWorks Complaint

This story was published more than 3 years ago.

This week the UK Advertising Standards Authority announced that they've upheld a complaint against ElectraWorks, wherein they suggested that gambling could be a source of financial security.

The offending ad was for the Foxy Games site, and aired as a Google Search ad when users used the search term "Make Money Online". The ad then read: "Earn Money Online - Foxy Games - Play Online". ElectraWorks said that the ad aired as a result of human error and that they've taken steps to remove the spot. Nonetheless, the ASA said that the ad indeed: "suggested to consumers that the gambling system offered by the advertiser could be used to 'earn' money and therefore attain a regular source of income."

The ad is not allowed to air again, and the operator was warned to change future promotions to avoid similar violations.

The ASA did reject a complaint against Betfair for an ad that aired in July. That complaint showed a man rushing to board a flight where he then used the Betfair Casino app. The complaintant said that the ad showed gambling taking priority for the man's life as he struggled to make that flight. The regulator said that the ad was cleared through ad clearance group ClearCast and that the spot didn't show any harm in any way.

That advertisement is cleared to continue airing on UK TV.

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