Paf Could See €3 Million Loss Due to Loss Limits

This story was published more than 3 years ago.

Online betting group Paf has announced that they could lose €3 million in revenue because of their decision to lower annual loss limits on players to €20,000.

The casino dropped loss limits for players back in 2018 to €30,000 per year, and then reduced them further to €25,000 in October of 2019. These moves are being made to push responsible gaming, ensuring that punters don't spend too much chasing wins. Still, these numbers are still quite high and likely won't impact the majority of punters as only 0.04% of players lost more than €30,000 in 2018.

Commenting on the decision Paf CEO Christer Fahlstedt said, "We see that our maximum limit effectively stops big spending players and prevents the personal tragedies that can occur when huge amounts are lost.

"We are now lowering the loss limit further to show that it is possible to survive as a gaming company without income from the biggest [spenders]. We are a gaming company that sells exciting entertainment for adults without trying to squeeze the last drop of money out of them."

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