Cyber.Bet Joins eSports Integrity Commission

This story was published more than 3 years ago.

Online betting group Cyber.Bet has announced that they've joined the eSports Integrity Commission this week, serving as an anti-corruption partner for events.

The eSports Integrity Commission was founded in 2016 and serves as a way to prevent match-fixing, doping, and other cheating in eSports competitions. The last thing we need is someone on speed getting an edge at the national Pac-Man tournament, and Cyber.Bet is joining that fight. Current membership also includes sportsbooks, government bodies, and national eSports federations.

Cyber.Bet issued a statement on their membership, noting: "Joining the Esports Integrity Commission is a stepping stone towards supporting esports. For us, it is not only an honor but also a very important collaboration.

"Since we are not just a bookmaker but a part of the big gaming community and also tournament organizers, we are deeply interested in keeping our events and the whole industry clean from match fixing and other undesirable factors."

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