Switzerland Starts Campaign to Stop Gambling Addiction

This story was published more than 4 years ago.

Switzerland is seeing a new digital campaign to fight gambling addiction, and the effort is coming from an independent organization, rather than the country's gaming regulator.

The campaign is being run by Sucht Schweiz, and is known as Spielen ohne Sucht (SoS). The program name translates to Gambling Without Addiction and will aim to promote responsible gambling behaviors within the country. The campaign will aim to provide information through Sucht Schweiz's website, and they'll promote ways to avoid falling into gambling addiction traps. A key component of the campaign is to show Swiss citizens how to enjoy gambling in the same way that they should enjoy drinking: responsibly.

Sucht Schweiz will promote the initiative through promotion, driving visitors to their website where they can learn the information.

The campaign is live now, with the information available in both German and English.

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