Australian Bank Bans Gambling Transactions With Their Credit Cards

This story was published more than 4 years ago.

Australian bank Macquarie has announced that it will no longer let users conduct gambling transactions using their credit cards, clamping down on lottery and other betting related transactions.

The move comes as the Australian government is looking to clamp down on regulations related to betting, including tightening restrictions on advertising and requiring casinos to report on suspicious activities. Macquarie is likely working to get ahead of the curve here by no longer allowing users to use their credit lines on betting.

The restriction was one of several moves announced by the bank, who also noted that they're getting rid of a 3% fee for using an ATM internationally, and will have an interest free period of 55 days during a promotional period later this year.

While restrictions are coming, some transactions cannot be blocked, including purchases made at registers not marked expressly as gambling related. Still, the bank says that you'll be responsible for these charges, just as you ultimately are for all charges.

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