Macau Saw More Visitors This Year During Chinese New Year

This story was published more than 5 years ago.

Macau saw more visitors during the Chinese New year this year compared to the year prior, with a 26.1% jump in visitors for the first four days of the period.

The numbers were given by the Macau Public Security Police, who said that the numbers were up sharply from the year prior. The holiday runs from February 4th through the 10th and sees tons of Chinese punters coming across the bay into Macau in order to gamble, as the activity is largely prohibited in their own enclave. The numbers indicate that 628,811 people came to Macau during the first four days, 71.2% of which are from mainland China.

The surge of people will help revenues, although it's unknown by how much. Many of the gamblers are smaller fish, meaning that they aren't the lucrative high rolling VIP players that drive the industry. Still, the sheer numbers of people will mean some uptick, and the new Hong Kong Zhuhai-Macau Bridge will help bring in more visitors as well.

We'll be updating readers on the financials as they come in.

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