Google Blocks International Gambling Sites in Russia

This story was published more than 5 years ago.

Online search engine Google has caved to Russian lawmakers by beginning to block access to websites featuring undesirable material, which will include international online betting sites from its search results.

Google has started going through their search results within Russia in order to comply with Russian law, as the tech giant is keen to keep their business in the country operational. Russia's telecom group Roskomnadzor complies the blacklist for unsavory sites, which are then fed to ISPs and tech companies for blocking.

Google had initially not complied with the requirement to block any site, and they initially faced a $7,300 fine. When that didn't get them to comply, Roskomnadzor said that Google could end up facing a 1% fine on their annual revenues generated in Russia or being outright banned in the country if they didn't fall in line.

Betting in Russia is severely restricted, with the activity only available at certain locations around the country. Online betting is also restricted, although punters have been able to circumvent blocks and access offshore sites to get their bets on.

We'll follow up and let readers know more as the blocks go into place.

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