Malaysian Police Raid Online Gambling Service Center

This story was published more than 5 years ago.

Police in Malaysia have raided an online betting ring, busting down a customer service center of sorts in the process.

The raid took place in Kuala Lumpur and saw five people taken into custody. The ring was blasting text messages to punters in the country, reportedly sending hundreds of thousands of spam messages while the ring was operating. It is thought that the site was making more than $750,000 USD monthly, and had been around for roughly a year, racking up 20,000 customers.

The ring had a customer service department running out of an apartment, and a disgruntled customer reported the crimes to police. This led to them conducting the raid, taking the men into custody and effectively shutting down the illicit business.

Those involved in the ring are facing charges of operating an illegal gambling operation, which can carry lengthy jail sentences. Malaysia has been cracking down severely on illegal gambling for years, but the moves haven't seemed to stop the issue at all, as rings continue to operate and draw in large numbers of players that want to wager on sports.

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Kingston Li // Asia Correspondent
Kingston Li
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11 November 2018 - 8:11am

There are a lot of illegal gambling sites which set up their servers in other countries.
Many of them are related to each other, and sending a lot of spams to people in Korea too.
Sometimes the news of arrest come out, but it should be too difficult to catch them, if they are operating in other countries.

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14 November 2018 - 1:22pm

Well..unfortunately that news is not something surprising or unusual for that part of the world...obviously the "rewards" are too tempting for many of the locals willing to risk their freedom or safety in exchange for huge profits.
Legalizing and regulating the sports wagers looks to be the decision..and thus way preventing many of the locals looking of illegal play.