PokerStars Launches 'Unfold Hold'em' in Denmark

Internet poker group PokerStars has announced the release of their newest cash game 'Unfold Hold'em', which went live in Denmark as a test market.

The game is unique in that players can retrieve muck cards to try to get back into the game, but otherwise plays like a standard Hold'em game. The game initially is launching in Denmark, but the company is planning to launch the title in other regions throughout the world soonafter.

The game's rules on the PokerStars website read: "Unfold Hold'em is similar to the globally popular game of Texas Hold'em, but with an additional side pot contested by players who fold pre-flop.

"Available as a cash game format, Unfold Hold'em gives you another chance to win with every hand - even if you're not dealt good cards! Every poker player knows the frustration of folding cards which would have flopped the nuts. Now, with Unfold Hold'em, you'll never feel this pain again."

The game can be played now at

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6 August 2018 - 8:37pm

As far as I understand this rule the players who folded pre-flop would get another chance of gaining the pot...Hm..interesting...I guess those who not folded wouldn't be too happy about it and probably this is another way of complicating not so simple game anyway but..let's see how all this would suit the players like.