Italy to Ban Gambling Advertising

Gambling advertising in Italy is about to be blacklisted, as the country's lawmakers approved of a ban on the spots, which will begin on January 1st of 2019.

nh3The ban will be in effect for all gambling services and will apply to internet, radio and television, while clubs will not be able to have sponsors related to the industry as well. Those found in violation will have a steep fine of at least €50,000 which will be put into a fund to protect against gambling addiction. There is a provision in place that will allow some existing agreements to continue until their expiration.

The move is proving to be unpopular among the professional sports leagues in the country, with football league Serie A saying that the move will cause disparity among other European clubs, which will have better funding from betting groups. It's thought that the move could cost the state as well, with up to €700 million in revenues.

The announcement is still fresh, and we're awaiting more word from those in the industry to record their opinions. We'll be updating readers as we learn more.

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9 July 2018 - 7:05pm

I'm not going to take a side here and tell if this is wrong or not but it seems they're doing what they've done in the 90's with the ban of the cigarette advertising in many countries across the world, also I believe Italy is not the first country banning gambling adds as well.
Of course the biggest loosers from all that will be the TV companies but also the gambling industry as well, anyway the true players will still be on with or without the TV commercials, that's certain.