French Bettors Wagered €690 Million on World Cup

French punters wagered a whopping €690 million during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, with betting groups in the country reporting that twice the number of bets were handled during the tournament.

France's gaming regulator Arjel said that €381 million was bet with 12 online betting operators that are licensed in the country, with an additional €309 million was bet with 27,000 retail spots. The bets were broken down as follows: €17 million with prop bets, €310 million with late round stages, and €363 million with group stage play.

The biggest event wagered on was predictably the final between Croatia and France, with €67.2 million wagered on the game.

In total, games in which France participated in brought in €180 million in wagers, which is more than a quarter of the money bet on the game.

The numbers for France are impressive, but they pale in comparison to the huge numbers put in by Chinese punters during the tournament.

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24 July 2018 - 3:22pm

Yeah the numbers are huge and I wonder if we could name the tournament the Bookies World Cup!

I believe many French punters have been successful in their stakes (especially at the final) because surely the huge percentage of them have placed their bets on France to win it, logical really.

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25 July 2018 - 4:00pm

Yeah, it is good to know the breakdowns of the total betting of France during World Cup.

I am very happy that they got the final win, too 🙂