Switzerland Voters Approve of Online Gambling

This week voters in Switzerland voted to approve of the country's new Gambling Act, which will legalize online betting but ban sites from foreign entities.

In an overwhelming 73% margin, voters approved of the new Gambling Act, which will bring online betting within the country's borders. Currently there is about $253 million bet offshore every year, and the government hopes to protect punters with the measure. The law will require operators to be approved of by the country's gambling operators and will take effect beginning in 2019.

The country's voters took to the polls over the weekend, giving their thoughts on whether the country should bid on the 2026 Winter Olympics as well as different banking regulations.

We'll be keeping readers informed as more news regarding the regulations are implemented.

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15 June 2018 - 10:53am

Wow, the vote has clearly shown what the Swiss people think of gambling, that's quite a unanimous vote.
As for the 2026 Winter Olympics candidature I think the voters would accept that too although there's much expenditures without any promise of returning if the country doesn't succeed in that bid.