Connecticut Kills Sportsbetting Bill

This week lawmakers in Connecticut killed a bill that would legalize and regulate sportsbetting in the state, as the legislative session expired and sent the bill back to the drawing board.

The bill, which was formally known as HB5307 would have legalized the activity, and was seen as being very popular among state regulators and betting operators already in the state. The bill was contingent on the Supreme Court ruling in favor of New Jersey, which has it's case related to its desire to legalize sportsbetting awaiting a ruling.

It's estimated that Connecticut could make $6.5 million in revenues in the first year that the activity is legalized. The measure was never debated or voted on in the House or Senate, so it wasn't close to being fully realized by lawmakers.

There were also 14 other bills that also didn't make it through the legislature, including the measure for a Bridgeport Casino, which could have been owned by MGM Resorts.

The bill will have to start over when the next legislative session begins in January of next year.

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16 May 2018 - 4:06pm

Obviously it won't be too easy for that bill to pass if that happens at all in the end but I think it will sooner or later, the possible incomes from eventual legalizing of sportbetting would be too high for the local authorities to refuse them I think.

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17 May 2018 - 11:31am

Oh, there is a new wave of sports betting coming in US. By the title, I thought that lawmakers were very conservative against the bill, but it was just expired Smile
It will take just a little longer to be discussed.