Ladbrokes Reveals That They Pay Women 15% Less Than Men

UK gaming firm Ladbrokes Coral revealed that they have a gender pay disparity within their company, paying women 15% less per hour than men for the same position.

The revelation comes as the Equality Act of 2010 began requiring any company within the UK with more than 250 employees to reveal their gender pay gap. In addition to having lower straight salaries than men, women also get a mean bonus pay that's 76% lower than men. The company claims that the disparity comes mainly from a lack of women working at the executive level, where higher salaries are earned.

In a statement, Ladbrokes Coral said, "The gap in both our mean pay and mean bonus shows there's more work to be done, and while we don't have an equal pay issue across the group, we do need to take steps to reduce our pay gap."

"That means we're having a closer look at the structure of our workforce and in particular what we can do to get more women into those senior roles."

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10 January 2018 - 6:31pm

Wow,I thought it's about one and the same positions that statistics, that's not an adequate comparison and numbers could be argued I think, why they haven't enough women at leading roles in the company is another issue, probably they should 'fix' that.