China and Hong Kong Bust Huge Online Gambling Ring

On Sunday police in China and Hong Kong struck out against an illegal online gambling ring, arresting 71 people involved in the criminal enterprise.

The raids took place after more than seven months of investigation and saw authorities in both Hong Kong and mainland China working together to break up the ring. Hundreds of police participated in dozens of raids in both jurisdictions, with 48 arrested in Guandong province and 23 arrested in Hong Kong. Additionally, RMB 21 million in online bets were frozen in China, and HDK 100 million in Hong Kong bets were also frozen. A sizable amount of cash, computers, phones, and other evidence was seized by police.

The ring allegedly used overseas bookmakers as well as brokers in both spots. The ring participated in sportsbetting wagers, along with other bets being placed. Sportsbetting is being clamped down on globally, albeit with limited success. The FIFA World Cup is next year, and it's expected that wagers are set to go through the roof for the event.

We'll update this story as we learn more about the raids.

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9 December 2017 - 11:13pm

That was really a huge size organisation for an illegal ring, I guess it's maybe even easier for police to collect some info about it if there are such high number of people involved.