UK Bans EuroMillions Betting

This week the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport ruled that they are banning third-party betting access to the EuroMillions lottery, meaning that UK punters can no longer participate in the draws.

The announcement comes after an investigation into the matter, as UK law had allowed for betting sites to work through a loophole wherein they could allow punters to participate in foreign lottery drawings. Naturally, this concerned UK lotteries, which feared a drop in revenues. Portions of the sales that go to charity were also being negatively impacted.

Speaking about the decision the DDCMS said, "We consider that betting on non-UK EuroMillions draws is contrary to the intention and spirit of section 95 of the Gambling Act and the established principle that operators should not be permitted to offer bets on the National Lottery."

Of course, there are some companies that are going to be adversely affected by the decision, mainly websites that offer access to the lottery draws. Chief among these is Lottoland, whose CEO Nigel Birrell said, "We believe that today's decision is unjustified, and sets a dangerous precedent for policy-making on the basis of no evidence. It will do nothing but stifle innovation in the sector."

"DDCMS itself recently stated in the FOBT consultation that any decisions on the outcome must be based on clear evidence. In today's consultation response from the government, they clearly state that the current evidence base is not conclusive."

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idEndro Nawawi
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4 December 2017 - 4:15am

very in pity on this policy will reduce the prize, average consumer buyer ticket euro milion from UK

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14 December 2017 - 12:40pm

Obviously it's a debatable decision whether or not it's fair for the punters and some of those companies that would be affected from it but apparently DDCMS trying to prevent the leak of UK players funds going away from the local taxes which in the end is just a try of protect the locals interests I think.