Police in Dubai Shut Down Gambling Den

This week police in Dubai revealed that they shut down a gambling den in June while they were tracking down a group of foreign nationals accused of using drugs.

The incident occurred on June 15th after Dubai police were tracking a Chinese couple that were reportedly using illegal drugs in the area. Police tracked them down and raided an apartment at 2 am. Instead of drugs, they found a gambling den where 12 people were found gambling. The den had cards, dice, and tables set up. Additionally, there was a large assortment of cash, checks, and other valuable personal items.

All of the tangible goods related to the den were seized and the people were detained. They've since been charged with gambling, which is illegal in Dubai. The two suspected of doing drugs were also given drug tests.

Gambling in all forms is illegal in Dubai, and those found guilty can face jail terms amid other punishment.

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