German Gaming Treaty DOA

Germany's latest gambling treaty looks to be defeated after two of the country's 16 states voted against the measure.

The Western European nation voted in March to approve of a State Treaty on Gambling, which would take effect next year and put into place various gambling rules. The measure needed to be passed by the legislatures of each of the states and fell two states short. The states of Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia voted against the treaty, causing it to fall apart.

Schleswig-Holstein has its own licensing for online betting, and has a run afoul of Germany's laws since as they offer casino and poker betting. The country's lack of gambling regulation means that the country doesn't see any benefit, as its inclusion in the European Union means that sites operating legally in the Union can offer their games to German punters.

The lack of consensus will throw German politicians back to the drawing table as they look to pass something more substantial and long-lasting for their citizens.

We'll add more stories as we learn more about the country's push for regulation.

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