LCB Report Forces 2WinPower to Remove Pirated Games

This week our sister site Latest Casino Bonuses announced that they've been successful in getting rogue casino group 2WinPower to remove pirated games from their casinos.

The announcement was made through a report on the LCB site, wherein the process of getting the group's game removals was forced. 2WinPower had initially declined to remove the pirated games from their casinos and were content using software that they hadn't paid for. The team at LCB reached out to game software developers looking to see what could be done.

Eventually, the team was able to get ahold of management at Lightning Box Games. They referred the matter over to an associate at Aristocrat (who was being victimized by the pirated games). The group immediately set out to have 2WinPower's websites blocked. The rogue group decided to move the bogus games to a new host in Moldova. To their credit, Aristocrat stayed on 2WinPower like stink on a pig. They contacted the ISP the group was using in Moldova and the site was again blocked. Without further options, the company removed the pirated games.

LCB has gone after pirated game suppliers in the past. The group looks to see where the games are being hosted from, and if they don't match up with records from legitimate sites, they're flagged as being suspicious. This has led to the blacklisting of a few developers as well as associated websites. Pirated games are a major no-no in the casino business, as the games have their random number generators replaced making them most likely unfair, and could host viruses or malware.

Casino Listings and our sister sites want to make it clear that we'll hold offending sites accountable for their actions.

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11 August 2017 - 9:59am

No doubtfully a great job by the LCB team, if there wasn't their interference probably many players would be still fraud by those cheaters. Really glad to see that in the end there is a result from all the LCB efforts which just makes the online playing environment safer for all of us. Well done.