Rats on Cocaine Make Poor Gamblers

A new study put out by Yonsei Medical University has revealed that rats under the influence of cocaine make risky choices when it comes to gambling.

The study revealed that rats on booger sugar made poor decisions, which while not a surprise provided the researchers with valuable data related to problem betting. This is valuable because rats have a similar brain structure to humans, and researchers are looking to use the data to help create medical treatments for those with problem gambling behaviors.

In the study rats were separated as being risk-seeking or risk-adverse with a gambling test, and were then given cocaine via an injection. Scientists then monitered them again to see what would happen. The study revealed that rats on the substance were more likely to take risks, even when the risk was higher. Those decisions gave researchers the conclusion that cocaine "may become a trigger that aggravates choice preference towards more risk-seeking behavior."

No word on whether or not the rats ended up on a multi-day bender that culminated in a crashed Corvette was available as of press time.

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21 July 2017 - 12:49am

Wow this one is straight from the "headlines I never though I'd see" department.


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23 July 2017 - 5:10pm

The research is interesting. Yonsei Medical University is here in this country 🙂

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24 July 2017 - 6:06pm

Like I've been on cocaine all my life 😕

Anyway I'm sure I'll end up like a rat someday...liked that crashed Corvette example Slim....life experience I guess... 😉