Amaya Makes Final Payment for PokerStars Purchase

Canadian gaming firm Amaya has revealed that they've made the final payment of $47.5 million to pay off its purchase of PokerStars and Full Tilt parent company Rational Group, which it purchased nearly three years ago.

The initial purchase agreement was made in August 2014 for $4.9 billion, and various payments were scheduled for the next few years. This last payment also carried $870,000 in fees and came from Amaya's cash flow reserves.

PokerStars has become a profitable vertical for Amaya, as it serves as the largest poker operator in the world. Rational also holds Full Tilt, which it purchased by effectively paying a large fine to the United States government after the events of Black Friday.

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6 June 2017 - 9:29pm

O man, I could live whole my life from those fees 🙂)

Didn't realise anyone is paying almost a mill in fees, these banks are charlatans 🙂)

Although from Amaya conciser that Poker Stars buy + the fees as their best spent money I guess;)