Kento Momota Gambling Suspension to be Lifted

Disgraced Japanese badminton player Kento Momota has had his suspension lifted by the Nippon Badminton Association effective May 15th, opening the door for the player to return to the sport.

Momota was suspended after he admitted to playing at underground illegal casinos alongside Kenichi Tago, another badminton player. The suspension for Momota was indefinite, which caused him to miss the Rio Olympics last year. After the suspension lifts, Momota will be eligible to play in a Japanese tournament on May 27th.

Momota was ranked the number 2 badminton player in the world, and he is looking to get to the lofty heights he once occupied. He is currently training at NTT East and participating in charity badminton events.

Speaking about the suspension lift NBA Executive Director Kinji Zeniya said, "[Momota is] giving his all, and I believe he has been handed enough punishment."

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