Internet Blackjack Site Re-Launches

Blackjack visionary Stanford Wong's internet blackjack site has officially re-launched this week, providing a wealth of information for new and experienced players alike.

The new website contains a sharp new look to it and includes a free blackjack school, complete with 24 lessons to help make you into a smarter player. The site also covers advanced topics like advantage play, card counting, news articles, and other topics. Players can also interact with other blackjack players via a forum, and players also have the option to subscribe to Current Blackjack News, a handy monthly newsletter that surveys table rules at casinos across the USA.

Stanford Wong is the pen name for John Ferguson, who rose to prominence for publishing the book "Professional Blackjack" back in 1975. The book was considered revolutionary, as it provided a series of strategies and analysis for lowering the house edge and playing with the odds in your favour. Since that book's release, Wong has been seen as a visionary, with even the Wizard of Odds himself holding him in high regard.

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28 February 2017 - 12:29pm

This definitely seems like a good and thoughful idea from their side. I think it makes them look good and it is a good PR in my opinion.

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28 February 2017 - 10:34pm

All the features included for the players looks to be a useful ones, I particularly like the idea of a blackjack school which could be great for newbies but for more experienced players too, looks like it would be a great place for all those who love Blackjack.