Google Blocked 1.7 Billion Ads in 2016; 17 Million Gambling Spots

Internet search behemoth Google released a blog article this week wherein they described that they blocked more than 1.7 billion ad submissions to their site, 17 million of which were gambling related.

The Alphabet subsidiary revealed that they blocked more than double the amount of ads than they did in 2015, with roughly 80 million ads found to be "deceiving, misleading and shocking users,". Another big blocked category was in healthcare, as 68 million spots were stopped from being placed on the side or top of search results, up 500% from 2015.

Online gambling ads get a bad rap, but it appears that a relatively low number of spots were taken out by Google last year. The company kept 17 million ads off the site, as they were found to be posted "without proper authorization from regulators in countries in which they operate".

Other large segments getting blocked included "trick to click" ads, which get users to download malware or other viruses to their systems. 112 million such ads were blocked last year, up 600% from 2015, and another 7 million messages were blocked for unspecified reasons.

Those interested in reading the blog post in full can do so here.

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26 January 2017 - 10:28pm

I think this is an example how having so great monopoly in certain sector could be a good thing sometimes, being a monopolist google prevent all this ads reaching the end customer and I think most of them denied with good reason why.
But I'm certainly expect that tendency to continue and even raise, in 2017 they would probably block even more ads.