UK National Lottery Mints 341 Millionaires This Year

While playing the lottery is usually a bad bet, there are at least 347 people in the UK who would disagree this year, as the National Lottery minted that many new millionaires this year alone.

The numbers were revealed by the UK's lottery monopoly Camelot, who said that the new millionaire numbers exceeded last year's record of 341 players. All together, the players shared more £862 million, which is worth more than $1 billion USD. The surge in new players comes as the lottery has made changes to make the jackpots harder to win, with one lottery game adding ten balls to its game, taking odds from 1:14 million to 1:45 million.

The largest prize won this year was £66 million, won by David and Carol Martin on January 9th, while another family won £61 million in July, and an anonymous winner pocketed £35 million in April.

Commenting on the year's results Camelot Senior Winners' Adviser Andy Carter said, "It has been a record-breaking 12 months with more millionaires celebrating with a giant checks than ever before. The National Lottery changes lives, not just of the winners but also for the projects that receive support. Thank you to everybody who bought a ticket or scratch card in 2016 as they have helped to win Olympic medals and support local communities."

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21 January 2017 - 12:44am

I always believed playing loterry is just a wast of time...and money but obviously that number of winers 347! could shake my,I don't think so - I'm too unlucky and pessimistic..