Pennsylvania Online Betting Bill Doesn't Make it Through

The Pennsylvania Senate failed to pass through legislation this year that would have legalized and regulated online gambling within the state, as they managed to halt the progress that had been made by the House.

Earlier this year HB2150 and HB1887 were passed through the Pennsylvania House, and would have made Pennsylvania the fourth state in the union to legalize online betting in some form. Because of the fact that the bill didn't make it through legislative deadlines, it will now lose all of its progress and head back to step one next year, where it will have to start from scratch again in the House.

Politicians that had introduced and co-sponsored the bill spoke about their disappointment with the failure of the bill, noting that the revenues created from online betting would have created tax revenues that could be used to close budget deficits. Pennsylvania's neighbor state New Jersey has legalized online betting and has raised millions of dollars in taxes since casinos began offering games to players.

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