Gold Mega Jackpot Hit for $543,136

A few minutes ago a punter playing a video slot at Party Casino hit it big when they struck the Gold Mega Jackpot for a whopping $543,136.

We just got word of the win from our jackpot tracker, so we don't have any firm details on the win, but we can confirm that the prize was won, and is the 42nd time the jackpot has been hit since we started looking after it in 2010. The average win time for the jackpot is eight weeks, but this win came just fourteen days after a player won the same jackpot for $955,294. The average win for the prize is $929,502, but because of the short time in between wins, this jackpot fell on the lower side of things.

The Gold Mega Jackpot is exclusive to Party Casino, and is tied to a series of the site's games. The jackpot is won randomly, with no certain criteria needed to be eligible for it.

Casino Listings will update this story as we learn more about the win.

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