Sportsbetting Bill Fails in Canada

A bill that would allow for legal single game sportsbetting within Canada failed this week, as the House of Commons voted down the measure.

The bill, which was formally known as C-221 and dubbed the "Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act" would have allowed for different provinces to regulate and allow for sportsbetting on single game events. The bill was defeated in a close vote, with a tally of 155 against the measure and 133 in favor.

Currently, there are more than $14 billion CAD illegally wagered by Canadians on single games every year, which leaves players unprotected and vast amounts of potential tax revenues going by the wayside.

Commenting on the defeat, Canadian Gaming Association CEO Bill Rutsey said, "I regret that I don't have better news for Canadians; those who understand what is at risk, and the benefits that could exist by implementing regulation, are frustrated and dissatisfied by the vote."

"The scales of justice are badly misaligned where this issue is concerned, and I remain baffled that the government of Canada can't recognise it too."

"The CGA looks forward to working with Members of Parliament to introduce the necessary legislative changes at the earliest opportunity, in order to thwart the illegal and unregulated sports betting market that continues unabated in this country."

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29 September 2016 - 10:28pm

Looks like there's many sportsbetting punters already in Canada despite it's illegal Smile
But if the authorities don't want a share of that it's have to be their problem.