China Conducts Cross-Border Gambling Raid with Philippines

This week Chinese law enforcement personnel in the Jiangsu Province announced that they have conducted a cross-border gambling raid, which saw 36 people arrested.

21 of those taken into custody were in the Philippines, with another 15 in China. The ring was suspected of taking in about $48 million USD in wagers, and operated a series of six online betting sites. In addition to the arrests, a variety of computers, credit cards, cellular phones, and other evidence was seized by authorities. It is believed that the gambling websites operated throughout China, and there were also a series of raids in the provinces of Guandong, Guangxi, Jiangsiu, Chongqing, and Sichuan provinces.

The raid comes a week after police in Shanghai revealed that they had broken up a gambling ring that has generated $7.5 million in bets, where 48 people were taken into custody.

Casino Listings will update this story as we learn more about the raids.

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10 October 2016 - 7:45pm

It's not anything new for this part of the world, it's also not the largest organization of such type that had been busted lately but no doubtfully it's one of those medium to large rings out there who make quite great profits for themselves but I think the main evil still staying in the shadows despite it had been busted.