Snooker Pro Bankrupt After Gambling Addiction

Legendary snooker player Willie Thorne has revealed that he is so broke due to his gambling addiction that he had his phone disconnected from his house.

Thorne is a legendary player who was one of the world's top-rated players. He retired and became an announcer, who has been popular among viewers throughout the world. Thorne said that his addiction took off after his mother died in 2013, placing major heavily on horse races. He spent his entire net worth, and is now so broke that he filed for bankruptcy last year, noting debts of £601,000. The addiction culminated with Thorne going to a hotel with a knife while he contemplated suicide.

Speaking about his issue Thorne said, "I've no money to gamble with now. I feel totally ruined. I haven't got a car and I'm penniless. I've got no equity in the house and even the Sky TV has been cut off."

"I earn good money when I work but at this time of year there's no work."

Thorne said he hopes to earn some more money once the snooker season picks up in the fall.

Casino Listings urges all players to stop playing should they feel they have a problem, and seek help using any number of the free resources available.

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8 August 2016 - 9:34pm

I'm a huge snooker fan and although I didn't watched Willie Torn because he played long ago but it's really sad to hear all that for him, what can I say, its have to be a warning for all of us who gamble I guess and this could even cost your life in the end. Anyway I'd like to think he will find a way to get over all that and be back to his normal life.