Megaupload Reboot Won't Have UK Gambling Ads

Although it has been shuttered for the past several years, Megaupload is on course for a large reboot thanks to entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, but the new service will have to look for a major new ad buying target, as UK gambling groups will not be authorized to advertise on the site.

The UK Gambling Commission has informed those holding a license through it that conditions of the license requires groups to "take responsibility for preventing digital adverts advertising their brand from appearing on websites providing access to unauthorized content", which relates to sites to Megaupload. Operators will also have to take reasonable steps to make sure that advertising agencies don't place ads on the site on their behalf.

The site had previously been a major hub for UK online gambling advertising, with companies such as bwin spending millions of dollars to gain a presence on the site.

Megaupload was famous for providing file hosting services for all sorts of files, a large portion of which were pirated movies. In 2012, authorities from the United States shut down Megaupload, raiding Dotcom's house and seizing a bulk of his assets. Dotcom has been indicted for piracy, and he has been fighting extradition the US to face the charges.

The new Megaupload site will have files encrypted and will merge in Bitcoin technology. It is set to launch on January 20th, 2017, which marks the fifth anniversary from when the original site was shut down.

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15 July 2016 - 8:56pm

Obviously when the site will be reopened they have to find another ways of finance if the ads of UK gambling brands won't be allowed. Never used that site my self but obviously it had a huge popularity back then.