Gaming Operators Spent Half a Billion Pounds on TV Spots

The gaming industry is big business in the United Kingdom, and operators have proven that as it was revealed that gaming firms have spent more than a half billion pounds for television spots to attract punters to their businesses.

Last year gaming firms spent £118.5 million on television ads, which is a 46% increase from the £81.2 million spent in 2012. During that period gaming firms spent a total of £456 million on ads, and if lottery spots are taken into account, that total hits £631 million. Thus far, gaming firms are on pace to spend a record £123.4 million on television spots, which has caused a lot of concern for problem gaming groups, who claim there are too many ads on television promoting gambling.

Commenting on the spending Derek Webb of the Campaign for Fairer Gaming said, "They [gambling firms] need to keep acquiring new players because the nature of it is that they [customers] go broke, or lose whatever they can afford and decide not to play anymore."

Webb also said that a majority of the spending was from offshore firms, who avoided paying taxes for quite some time, and thus put the money into television spots.

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17 July 2016 - 10:49pm

These are really staggering figures, not exactly surprising though just because we all know what a huge business online gambling is, especially in UK where the tradition is so deep but you have to see the numbers at one place to realise what is the size of this business.