Teen Kills Himself Over £5k in Gambling Debt

A few weeks ago an 18 year old man from Cardiff in the United Kingdom made the decision to kill himself after racking up £5,000 in gambling debt online, a coroner reported.

Omai Abbas of Cardiff drowned himself in the River Ely after he had racked up the large debts while betting online. He had placed dozens of wagers online, and had lost control of his gambling addiction. Stricken with a series of emotions, Abbas decided to take matters into his own hands.

Before his scheduled shift at the Juboraj Indian restaurant, Abbas contacted his parents, telling him that he loved them and wished them goodbye. He never showed up for his shift, and his body was found two weeks later.

In a report the local coroner said, "'It's quite clear to me his online gambling must have been a significant problem for him. He lost a substantial amount of money and at the time of his death his account was overdrawn by £5,000."

If you or somebody you know is suffering from gambling addiction, there are several ways to get free help. Please click the link to our problem gaming section for information related to the topic.

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4 July 2016 - 9:13pm

It's a sad story really and it's indicative how huge of a problem gambling addiction might turn.
If this is the only reason for his suicide I think it's a very stupid decision of this young man because that is not even so significant amount, I guess he should ask for help and get himself a job which would allow him to pay his debts.
I've lost a lot more than that in the last years but I'm still alive..... for now.

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5 July 2016 - 5:57am

This is really sad. I do think that maybe if he would have told his parents about the debt, they might have helped out. But that is sad.