Ladbrokes Pull Live Betting in Australia

UK betting firm Ladbrokes has announced that they have pulled their online live sports product in Australia, after the government filed charges against a variety of betting firms that offered the service.

Under Australian law, it is illegal for operators to offer in-play sports bets over the internet, although wagers can be placed over the phone or at a retail shop. Groups like Ladbrokes circumvented the rule by having an option that allowed punters to place bets using their computer but by having a microphone active. The move to stop offering the product comes as the government moves to introduce stricter laws to clamp down on the loophole, and Ladbrokes is calling the move a good faith gesture.

For their part, Ladbrokes spoke out about the decision, with Australian CEO Dean Shannon commenting and taking shots at rivals Tatts and Tabcorp. "They really just made their decision on who lobbied the hardest and the loudest that being Tatts and Tabcorp," Shannon said. "If you look at clients who are betting on sports around the world, they're allowed to bet in-play. And I think in this day and age with people living through their mobiles and online, it makes a lot of sense for people to be able to still bet using the devices they use for everything else."

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15 June 2016 - 2:48am

Dean Shannon has to be kidding with his rant about lobbying from rival firms who did comply with the law. Ladbrokes knew they were going against the intent and spirit of the law, if not the letter of the law, with their microphone based workaround. So they can't complain about being forced to shut it down. They should be thankful that they haven't been fined or had their license revoked.

Of course it is counter productive for the regulator to ban in play betting that Australian punters can easily do over the phone or online at an offshore unlicensed site but that is an entirely separate argument. The correct conduct is to convince the regulator to change the law, then introduce the online in-play betting. Trying to force their hand by deliberately violating the law using a technical workaround just shows bad faith and lack of ethics.

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15 June 2016 - 9:49pm

Quite strange situation,obviously Ladbrokes not playing fair enough although I found stupid that the punters are not being able to bet inplay in a straightest possible way which is the most exiting and gives player higher chance of winning or at least for me.