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Czech Hackers DDoS Senate Site Over Gambling Site Ban

This week hackers in the Czech Republic dropped a DDoS attack on the Senate's government website in response to news that the government is ISP-blocking unlicensed online betting sites.

Hackers posted a message to address the attack, charging the Czech government with censoring the internet. The group also ended up threatening additional attacks in the future if the blockade is continued.

Last week the Czech Senate ended up passing a measure that would allow for the blocking of unlicensed online betting sites, as the country is gearing up to license and regulate online gaming, which could end up being implemented as early as January 2017.

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2 June 2016 - 10:52pm

Well it's a controversial theme really, maybe the government has to finalize the regulations and licensing of the gambling market before blocking all these sites, but of course from other point of view they are still illegal so probably rightly blocked. One thing is for sure though, that hacker attack is pointless.

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3 June 2016 - 12:52am

This doesn't really surprise me. I understand how such blocking can make people angry. Also I think that governments in general should think about the fees for casinos to get their licence because I remember when such thing started in my country and the fees were really high so not all casinos can/want afford to buy them. So what the casinos will do is make Czech Republic a restricted country (even now many casinos inform me that they will no longer accept players from Latvia, for example, that had been blocked sites from my government for a while). But I mean, do what you want but there will always be illegal sites and some people will always play there.